Financial Support

The Relite Africa Trust was registered as a UK Charity (number 1120781) in 2007.

Since then we have been very grateful to our overseas supporters who have met over 90% of Relite’s needs.

Relite is registered for Gift Aid. Donations should be sent to the treasurer, Mr Drew Geldart, with a covering letter to say whether it is to be gift aided, and also to indicate any aspect of the work to which you would like it to be allocated.

The payment details are as follows:

Relite Africa Trust
Code 20-48-42
Account Number 50322296

Prayer Support

Please check our blog for current prayer requests, but in general we would appreciate your prayer support for the well-being and spiritual growth of our students, and for our staff the grace, wisdom and perseverance in our various roles.

Thank you.

Drew Geldart

Drew Geldart

Treasurer’s address:

Mr. Drew Geldart,
2 Knowle Grove,